‘Magnify Ministry’ Youth Group

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“There were a few zesty moments during our ‘Magnify Ministry’ Youth Group session this week; “When Life Gives You Lemons…Make Lemonade.” (Yes, the ice-breaker activity speaks for itself.)

We had some courageous student judges, Tom M, Jack M and Holly R, take the stage and assess a range of sweet and tangy lemonade creations. We also had some beautiful vocal performances by our secret Year 9 stars: Elly A, Bella F and Jacinta C who sang with such soul and confidence with the support of Mr Walker and Mr Hoolihan.

This week’s theme was aimed at encouraging us to see our hardships through a different lens. Choosing to see lemonade, instead of sour lemons. Choosing to see things from Jesus’ point of view. Choosing to see the love that God has for us that can’t be stopped. Our YM leaders, Cooper S and Bailey M, shined a light on this during their ‘Magnify the Moment’ address:

“Life hands us lemons and Jesus says to just keep your eyes on Him and watch what He does.

Does it mean that everything is “poof… perfect!”? You just magically get the grade on the test that you wanted… or you make the team? 

Not necessarily, but what He does promise us is that if we look above the things of this life, and look to Jesus, that we see things differently. Jesus came into a world filled with darkness and death and despair and turned things upside down. And that is why we, as God’s people, are the ones that have hope even in the darkest times.

When the world sees chaos, we see peace. When parts of our world lose hope, we find joy. When the world throws lemons, we make lemonade.”

This term, the launch of our ‘Magnify Ministry’ Youth Group has provided many things for our St Brigid’s community; It has provided a lively yet safe space for students to come together and explore their faith while cultivating genuine friendships. It has also provided a platform for many students to step up and get involved in numerous areas- including music, entertainment/sound & lighting set up, youth ministry programming and collaborating, game facilitating and public speaking. We are so proud to see many students take up a role or responsibility in Youth Ministry this term with such pride, and we welcome many more to join us in continuing to strengthen our YM community each Thursday during Break 2 in LP6.

Whether you want to come along and simply enjoy the atmosphere, or whether there is a skill or area you are passionate about that could contribute to developing our ‘Magnify Ministry’ further, please come along and share with us your gifts, ministries and talents.”

– Chelsea Hokin

Youth Ministry Coordinator

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