Mid-Term – Assistant Principal Update

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Here we are a little bit past the halfway mark in Term 1 and already I’ve witnessed so many events and activities to engage and enthuse our students.  I never cease to be amazed and excited by the beautiful buzz that is a school in full flight.


Last week we had our first major carnival of the year in the Swimming Carnival and the atmosphere on these days is so representative of everything St Brigid’s stands for.  There were numerous competitive races complemented by a wide range of novelty events to ensure everyone was included.  The House Spirit was obvious for all to see across the whole day and I absolutely love hearing each House belt out their chants and seeing those students who go the extra mile to deck themselves out in their House colours.  A huge thank you to Mrs McFadden who again delivered an amazing carnival.


As most of you would already be aware, we have implemented a number of changes to the teaching and learning at St Brigid’s this year and so far we have received very positive feedback on how those changes are impacting on the student outcomes in the classroom.  I am enormously grateful for all feedback we receive from our College community and I encourage all of you to offer your insights into the College from your perspective and that of your child’s.  Its so important that as we continue to grow and develop this school that we hear your voice and implement change where necessary to ensure ongoing improvement.


Another new initiative this year has been providing an extra hour per week to our teaching staff so that they can engage in professional learning.  This time is essential to their own growth as a teacher and also provides an opportunity to plan and program engaging lessons for our students.  During this time, we also hold an assembly and a focus of ours has been to further develop our sense of community as each week we sing our National Anthem, a College Hymn and our weekly song which this week was Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer”.  Despite my personal shortcomings when it comes to singing, I am a huge advocate for the power of communal singing.  Each week I see the power of it lived out in front of my eyes.  There is increased levels of social connectedness, increased sense of belonging, physical and emotional benefits, and reduced personal stress.  If you get the chance, throw a bit of Bon Jovi on this weekend and get the kids to sing along with you, whether they admit to it or not, they’ll love it and you might just be surprised at how that one simple act can bring a bit more joy into everyone’s life.


Finally, a huge thank you to our incredible, hardworking staff at St Brigid’s.  They are the reason for any success we experience as a school and it is their efforts that ensure St Brigid’s is a place that truly does offer a holistic education.  Their genuine passion for teaching and authentic care of our students is second to none.

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