St Brigid’s Catholic College provides a caring educational community where each student is known and nurtured as an individual. We pride ourselves on being a welcoming school community that values the close relationships between staff, parents and students.

Catholic Life and Mission underpins life at St Brigid's Catholic College. Our mission is to 'educate and form young people in Catholic discipleship, offering them experiences of following Jesus as members of the Catholic community'.

The College aims to foster a spirit of inquiry and a reflective disposition to learning, so as to provide students with a strong foundation for making realistic, life giving choices in their journey as Catholics.

St Brigid was renowned as an educational leader and was often portrayed holding a reed cross (which was adopted as the College cross) and a lamp or flame of learning.  Our patron saint St Brigid was one of the most remarkable women of her times. Her extraordinary spirituality, boundless charity, and compassion for those in distress were notable; she was also known to be a woman of peace and reconciliation.

At St Brigid’s we strive to create a dynamic faith community in which each student will internalise Christian values and become vitally involved in the promotion and practice of justice. Our aim is for all students to be ‘life giving’ members within their communities, lived out through the school motto ’Inflaming hearts and minds in Christ’ which is underpinned by the College ‘FLAME’ framework:

Parents are recognised as the prime religious educators of their children, and teachers, through their vocation, support parents in this role. Engagement with the religious curriculum, social justice initiatives and the liturgical life of the College provides students and staff with opportunities to develop their relationship with God and others.