St Brigid’s Community Cookbook

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This year at St Brigid’s, we are having a whole school focus on developing our literacy and numeracy skills. One of the great things about our school is that we have a strong sense of community that has helped build St Brigid’s into what it is today. We believe that our learning should not just be centred in the classroom, rather, our community should be given the opportunity to impact the learning of our students as well. Remember, it takes a village to raise a child.

We are hoping to develop this sense of community further, and in the process build upon our literacy and numeracy skills, through establishing the inaugural St Brigid’s Community Cookbook. The idea is for parents and relatives to offer cooking recipes that are special to them so that other members of the community can engage their literacy and numeracy skills in order to cook your dishes. But we also hope that it will be more than that. We hope that through this process we are able to offer some more insight into the lives of the families that are engaged with our community. Through food we learn the culture, the history and them memories of the people who offer the meals to us.

If you would be interested in offering a recipe to our community cookbook, could you please click the button below. Please don’t feel that it has to be a fancy or lavish dish, we are looking for the recipes that represent us as a community group.

Share your dish

If, like many of us, you are not comfortable within the kitchen environment, please feel free to forward this email on to someone you know that may be able to contribute. The St Brigid’s community goes well beyond the teachers, students and parents connected to it.

We are looking forward learning from you and about you,

The Cookbook Team


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