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As a beginning school we are in the wonderful position of having a relatively small but close-knit community.

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Why Parents Love St Brigid's Catholic College

A massive shout out of appreciation to ALL staff at St Brigid’s Catholic College.
Transitioning from primary school to high school for many children can be tough. New learning styles, friendship and challenges face our once innocent children as they turn into young adults.
For our family, personal and medical issues have made it a little more stressful.
Through fantastic communication, support, understanding and compassion from all staff, we would like to say THANK YOU!
It is evident that student wellbeing is a priority! Happy kids make successful learners.

Year 7 ParentsSeptember 2018

My name is Jodie Vipan and we currently have two children attending St Brigid’s Catholic College. Our daughter is in Year Eleven and our son is in Year Seven with our youngest to attend in 2021. Each of them unique with varying strengths and interests. We are immensely grateful to be part of the St Brigid’s Catholic Community. From the outset, the passion and commitment of the staff to create a vibrant and welcoming place of learning has always been evident. It is a place where we feel the whole student is cared for and nurtured. Every concern and question is addressed. From the physical elements of the school such as the colourful, dynamic learning spaces and overall design of the college to the learning philosophy and approach to wellbeing, it is a wonderful place for our children to attend each day and learn. So many opportunities have been made available to the students in subject choices, sport, extra-curricular activities and spiritual enrichment. We have always felt affirmed by our choice of St Brigid’s because of the involvement and support of the Diocese towards the school and hope this will continue.

Jodie and Adrian VipanSeptember 2018

Im so Happy she is doing Fantastic at school her Maths has gone up 110%.

She has come out of her shell more as Jasmine was so shy.

It's a credit to the teachers, Mrs Terry who we love, Mrs Rachel Foo who gave Jasmine a big wrap, and Jasmines peers at school keep an eye out for each other at school and on the bus. The older kids are a big credit on the bus in afternoons they look after all the younger kids.

Karen HendersonAugust 2018

St. Brigid's Catholic College at Lake Munmorah is full of pleasant surprises.

As you look out of the many windows you see clear blue sky, grass, trees, ducks, birds and horses on an undulating landscape.Amazingly the school has been built on an extremely generous parcel of land allowing that peaceful tranquility to reside within the school grounds. This is most evident in the newly built amphitheater with it's natural stone and wood. Upon moving inside you are spoiled with natural light, curved walls and color creating flexible state of the art educational environments which inspire wellness of the mind and body.

The staff inside St. Brigid's can be described as vibrant professional role models who exude a contagious love of life and learning and who have a commitment to accept , include and inspire all students Enroled at the school and their families too. Technology allows for easy communication with the staff as do the many community events throughout the year.

This catholic college is full of content, energetic young people who participate in the life of the school and contribute to the wider community with balanced minds and happy hearts knowing that life is what you make of it!

Mandy CarriganFebruary 2018

Last night my immediate and extended family attended the music performance night at St Brigids Catholic College Lake Munmorah, as we do each year.

Over the years we have seen my son Alexander Bulgin in year 10 perform on these nights and each year we have watched him and the other music students grow as musicians and grow in self confidence.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Peel for all the hard work she has put in over the years, and how much we appreciate the time and effort it must take to teach children like my son who had never played an instrument before.

I would like to also thank the college for having the instruments available for the students to try, my son over the years has had the opportunity to play guitar, bass guitar, piano, drums and even the cello.

Last night I seen my son grow as a musician, composer and a human being. Last night my son and his 'band members' Tom and Jarrad accompanied 2 boys who were just starting out in music, to see them help out made me so proud and really does show how St Brigids is teaching our children to be compassionate and selfless. I would lastly like to say a huge thank you to both Mrs Peel and Mr Richardson for an awesome night, the performances from all the children were great but to see all the children get up at the end with Mrs Peel on the mixing table signing and Mr Richardson up playing the tambourine and singing with the students really was an amazing sight. I can't thank the music faculty at St Brigids enough for all their good work.

Alister BulginSeptember 2017

Dear Ms Terry,

I just wanted to write and let you know of the kindness and thoughtfulness some of your students have shown my daughter.

My daughter is in Kindergarten at St Brendans and in the last few weeks of term 1 she wanted to catch the bus to school.

She catches the bus to and from school 2 days a week from Gwandalan. I watch her get on the bus each day and the St Brigid's kids step back and let her on before them, they lend her a helping hand if needed and just generally seem to look out for her. It's very sweet to watch.

From all accounts once on the bus I believe they even offer her a seat...

Each day when I see this happen I think how both the parents and school must be doing something right... So Thank-You.

Laura StarkMay 2017

As we all know adolescence is a time of enormous physical and emotional changes, and the transition to high school can be both daunting and exciting (for students and parents). It's also a time where kids start to place more value on peer relationships and independence. As I have always been an actively involved parent I can say that this can sometimes be difficult.

I remember from the St Brigid's information night the concept of trust between family and school. This for me has been St Brigid's exceptional quality. I can honestly say that I trust the my child is in a safe, respectful environment where individual needs are being met.

I love that St Brigid's places huge importance on student wellbeing in addition to academic achievement.

I am also very happy with the progressive learning environment. I believe that the students are being well prepared for the ever changing workplace environment, and a great emphasis is placed on critical thinking skills and self motivation.

I am always comfortable approaching all of St Brigid's staff in regards to my child's development and feel blessed to be part of this great community.

Michelle RemailiFebruary 2017

I can not recommend St Brigids high enough as a choice for your child's education in all areas and also as a school of choice where every child counts and matters and given so many opportunities for growth in all areas. Student lead learning, so children learn in an environment that suits them as they can achieve their highest level while also being supported, nurtured, encouraged to grow further in all areas. St Brigids is doing it right. Congratulations St Brigids for providing such a high standard school!

Kim Tomlinson-RyanAugust 2015

I would like to congratulate you, your staff and the students of the college for the wonderful day you provided for the blessing and opening of the College. You would have to be so proud of everyone’s efforts in putting on such an impressive display. The College facilities and grounds are looking so good now, you have certainly come a long way. It felt good sitting there being part of it all, and seeing how things have progressed. Have a great week. Thanks again.

Tracey EvansAugust 2015

I love the reading task you have all the children doing” and “I’m very happy with the school, how everything is going. It’s great how all the sporting activities have gone about as well

Samantha O'SullivanMay 2014

The opportunities I have received at St Brigid's have massively impacted on me as a person both in my social life, as well as my working life. The amount of endless opportunities I receive in all fields of learning here at St Brigid's amazes me. Since starting in 2014 I've found things out about myself that I never knew, my interests in life and career choice have changed and thanks to the endless opportunities, I have even gotten a job in the Marine field. St Brigid's has boosted my self esteem and self confidence from day one, I feel like I thrive at St Brigid's and owe a great gratitude to all teaching staff as well as the amazing Principal & Assistant Principal. My experiences here at St Brigid's will stick with me forever as well as the life lessons my teachers have taught me.

Jayden, Year 10February 2017

I am so happy with the school, the teachers and the leadership qualities at St Brigid’s. My son is happy to go to school every day, he has made some wonderful friends and is made to feel part of the overall community. Congratulations to you and your staff in making this school what it is

Parent Year 7June 2014

I have made the best decision ever in sending my daughter to St Brigid’s” and “the teachers and the whole positive outlook my daughter tells me is great

Tanya StephensJune 2014

I have made the best decision ever in sending my daughter to St Brigid’s” and “the teachers and the whole positive outloEvery time we are at the school we are so impressed with the physical structure, the layout, all the tools and resources that are at the students disposal. Very pleased to see that the focus required on literacy was identified early on and what seems like a very effective strategy has been developed to tackle this area, and it seems every single student, no matter what level they are at, will get enormous benefit from this program.

Jeanelle and Dave BoyceSeptember 2014