St Brigid’s Catholic College motto states ’Inflaming hearts and minds in Christ’  which is the centre of our faith community which leads us to aim to “ensure that our world is a better place for our having lived” as stated in the last line of our College prayer.


We will be true to our mission:

  • By learning about the life of St Brigid and the values she holds, we gain an understanding of Christ who is alive in the world today.
  • By interacting with the scriptures we gain a deeper understanding of Christ which gives us hope to live life to the fullest.
  • By providing excellence in Evangelisation and Catechesis through an engaging and dynamic Religious Education program in partnership with the Diocese Of Broken Bay and following “The Towards 2025” developing syllabus.
  • By being involved in social justice projects we show discipleship which follows in Christ’s footsteps of focusing on the needs of others.
  • By being active in the College liturgies and prayer gives our community an indispensable source from which we derive the true Christian Catholic spirit and a clear understanding of the common good for all.