As a school in the Diocese of Broken Bay, our students have the opportunity to participate in carnivals and/ or representative pathways in the BBSSA (Broken Bay Secondary Schools Association) and the NSW Combined Catholic Colleges (CCC) sporting competitions.

Teams and individuals can represent the College in a range of sports at Broken Bay level and beyond. Some of the sports we offer at the school include:

  • rugby league
  • rugby union
  • soccer
  • netball
  • touch football
  • basketball
  • water polo
  • tennis
  • triathlon
  • hockey
  • squash
  • volleyball
  • golf
  • cross country
  • athletics
  • baseball
  • swimming.

We have had a number of students who have represented beyond the school level and on to represent Broken Bay and state level.



Each Wednesday afternoon, students are involved in Inflame Project time. Students are able to select from a number of options in this co-curricular time and the activities will change over time. This year students are able to access a Multimedia class, College Gardening Club, Social Justice Group and Sporting Group. Other options to be offered may include a musical production, outreach reading program to our primary school, drama, art etc. depending on staff expertise and student interest.


Lesson 6

We are fortunate to have a dedicated staff who provides time beyond school hours to support students’ learning. On a Thursday afternoon after school we offer students the opportunity to complete additional study at school. A number of staff members stay for these sessions to provide additional support or run a range of activities to support our students’ understanding and to make sure they complete work to the best of their ability.