Principal’s Message

Mr Adam Murdoch

At St Brigid’s Catholic College we believe in the capabilities of young people. We see our role, in partnership with parents, as nurturing our students to explore who they are and what contribution they can make to the world. We believe that each child is made unique in the image of our loving God and therefore deserves to be treated with respect and dignity as part of God’s creation.

During these precious years of development, it is important that we provide a safe and supportive environment in which they are encouraged to discover their learning passion. We want our students to discover the wonder of finding out about our world and to investigate relevant and significant issues through exposure to the rich learning tasks that teachers design using the curriculum as a platform. The staff at St Brigid’s have been selected as people who are dedicated and committed to this for your children.

It is a priority for us that your child is known as a person and learner- that their aspirations, challenges and achievements are acknowledged, and appropriate guidance and support is given to them when they require it. The Mentor Coach in our college is a key person in our students’ college life and the relationship built between teacher, student and family is a critical one for ensuring the holistic development of each child.

The college has been designed to support teaching and learning based on best practice as determined by contemporary educational research. Students have the world at their fingertips through the use of the internet and it is incumbent upon educators to ensure that students can find the information that they need from reliable sources, and can use this information responsibly. At St Brigid’s students are encouraged to be interdependent learners; to be as independent as possible but always knowing that asking for support from others and learning from mistakes leads to deep understanding.

I feel privileged to be the principal of such a dynamic learning environment and to have the honour of leading a group of dedicated professionals to provide the very best education for your children.

I would be delighted to have your family join our community on this exciting journey.

Adam Murdoch

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