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We pride ourselves on being a welcoming school community that values the close relationships between staff, parents and students.

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At St Brigid’s we consider our students and their family are part of our St Brigid’s ‘family’. Working with you as the most significant adults in your child’s life, to ensure your child gets the very best experience in our College, is our commitment to you.

The world young people have to navigate is complex and with the changing global landscape new opportunities and challenges are arising. St Brigid’s has been established as a contemporary learning environment to ensure that our students are as well prepared for their future as possible. Educating for life is our agenda. Our facilities and style of learning are purposely designed to meet this agenda and are based on current educational research and best practice.

Youth unemployment is an issue in Australia but particularly on the Central Coast. We want to provide an education that gives your child the edge over others, whether they seek work directly post-school or choose to enter further study. Feedback tells us our students have a confidence and capability beyond their years when competing for part-time employment or seeking school-based apprenticeships.

Staff take the time to know your child as a person; what their hopes and dreams are and what you want for your child. We offer Family Conversations at the beginning of each year so that we can discuss these things with you and we endeavour to ensure that communication about your child’s progress is open and timely. In knowing our students we are able to offer a student-centred approach to learning; learning for us occurs in all dimensions of being human- spiritual, academic, physical, emotional and social.

Knowing your child’s capabilities and challenges, we design learning opportunities that will begin where your child is comfortable and then stretch them to improve. We utilise technology to tailor learning using our learning framework, the ‘Flame of Learning’.

St Brigid’s is different, and proudly so!

We welcome all enrolment enquiries and I very much look forward to meeting you!

Adam Murdoch