Homework is a means of establishing good study and work habits, so that as the demands of schooling increase, students will be able to time manage and complete work without the undue stress caused by not being organised.

Students at St Brigid are expected to develop their skills in meeting deadlines, completing set tasks and projects and to consolidate learning. Building these skills will better prepare them to be effective citizens when they move beyond the school gates. 

Whilst our students may not have regular homework in all courses, our expectation is that all students complete all set class tasks and projects. We believe that to build academic rigour students need to be working effectively and complete the requirements of each of their courses during each lesson. If this work is not able to be completed during class we expect that students will complete these prior to the following lesson.

As students progress through the years the requirements to complete work at home will increase. We believe that students should be consolidating and completing outstanding tasks to better prepare them for both Stage 6 and the world of work. Year 7-9 students may be expected to complete up to one hour of homework. Year 10-12 will see a greater increase as they progress through these years up to 2-3 hours a night.