At St Brigid’s we are committed to using innovative and technological tools to enhance learning. Our students use a digital learning platform that we believe enhances their learning and understanding. Students use BYOD to support their learning as well as traditional methods to support their education.

Digital technology is vital in all curriculum areas at St Brigid’s, and all students require a laptop.

To support families, the College has a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program.

The BYOD Guidelines provide families with information on:

  • Responsibility for device-care;
  • Minimum device specifications; and
  • Purchasing a device.

It is expected that parents/caregivers of students at St Brigid’s will ensure their child is prepared for class each day with a charged device that meets the minimum specifications. Also, students are equipped with the necessary tools to take responsibility for their BYOD as outlined in this document.

BYOD Guidelines