At St Brigid’s we are committed to using innovative and technological tools to enhance learning. Our students use a digital learning platform that we believe enhances their learning and understanding. Students use BYOD to support their learning as well as traditional methods to support their education.
At St Brigid’s we use technology to deliver learning opportunities for students. We believe that using technology in the classroom allows for differentiation of learning to better meet the needs of each student and to also provide learning that is engaging. We believe that engaged learners have more power over their learning with direct access to resources and information. 

Students will be required to purchase a laptop device to support their learning. Please see below for the specification recommended to support our school network and applications. 

Dell ADP Process under Premier Support

How does ADP work?

  • ADP is purchased for 1:1 devices only.
  • There is no excess on Dell ADP claims.
  • An ADP claim can only be made once a year.
  • An ADP claim is done the same way as a warranty claim.
  • If a second claim is required during the same year, there is still no excess, but there will be a charge for parts and installation if the School’s Field Technician cannot install the part.
  • The Field Technician/School will need to obtain a quote from Dell for parts and if required, labour and pass it onto the school.
  • It is at the school’s discretion to obtain the approval/money from the parents before or after repair.
  • No cover for theft or loss, please consider adding to household insurance.
  • Device not owned until the end of 3 years.