The Religious Education program of study is an essential component of the faith education of students at St Brigid's.

Towards 2025: Under the leadership of Bishop we are committed to maintaining focus on our purpose; to collaborating in the mission; to applying evidence-based practice in all our endeavours and to delivering the vision as we strive to be at least as good as the very best.”

Religious Education is of high quality and student-focused.

Vision Of Our College: For each child to leave with a clear understanding of who Christ is and how they can be disciples that make the world a better place.

Purpose for Our College: 

  • To empower students, staff and parents to develop higher literacy requirements so they can successfully engage with scripture.
  • To demonstrate skills and dispositions that provide students with the opportunities to shape their faith and make a difference to the world today. Our Motto”Inflame our hearts and minds in Christ”
  • Religious Education in Years 7 to 10 focuses on “Evangelisation and Catechesis” which is inline with the Diocese of Broken Bay’s Towards 2025 Framework that is both academically rigorous and innovative, bringing into dialogue faith and life.
  • In Years 11 and 12 students can continue with their Catholic course from previous years by doing CATHOLIC THOUGHT 1 or 2 Units (Non-ATAR) OR doing the one or two unit BOSTES NSW Studies of Religion course.

Other ways we strive to meet these goals includes:

  • Opportunities for the celebration of the sacraments of the Eucharist.
  • Catholic Schools Youth Mission (CSYMA).
  • Faith Formation program for students in Years 9 and 10.
  • Faith and Mini Retreat Days for Years 7-12.
  • Residential Retreat experiences for Year 12.
  • Year 10 and11 Youth Group “Teens for Truth”.
  • A host of creative and prayerful liturgies that help students further understand and celebrate their faith.
  • Commitment to supporting our local St Vincent de Paul Societies initiatives, Project Compassion and Catholic Mission throughout the year.

In preparing students for the Church of the future, all students are encouraged to embrace opportunities to be leaders in prayer and community service activities. Together with the staff, they build up an ethos and a way of acting that is characterised by a compassionate spirit given to us by Jesus through the life of St Brigid. This spirit values and respects each student as a unique individual, but also encourages them to find their true self in the community of the College and in the wider community of the Church, through courage, wisdom and stewardship.