Students have the opportunity to be House Leaders.

Our College provides exemplary Catholic education through which young people are challenged and supported to live out their call to discipleship. We hope that our graduates are enabled with the skills, knowledge and attitudes to live a meaningful and fulfilling Christian life.

Our belief is that all human beings are created in the image and likeness of our God. Therefore there is an inherent dignity which should be acknowledged and honoured in each person. With Christ at the centre of all that we do, and modelling our life on St Brigid, we instil in our students courage, wisdom, stewardship and compassion.

The position of Student Leader is an invitation to students who have already shown leadership qualities and wish to share their talents with others.

Student Leadership Structure 2024 and beyond

College Captains (2) – Male and Female (Year 11 2023)

Vice Captains (2) – Male and Female (Year 11 2023)

Kildare House Leaders (3)     Year 11 (2) + Year 12    BEST APPLICANTS

Lakes House Leaders (3)        Year 11 (2) + Year 12    BEST APPLICANTS

Terry House Leaders (3)         Year 11 (2) + Year 12    BEST APPLICANTS

Walker House Leaders (3)      Year 11 (2) + Year 12    BEST APPLICANTS

Areas of Responsibilities

  • Mission – Community Action / Social Justice / Traditions / Liturgies / Running SRC
  • Learning – Showcasing / Expos, Arts & Merits, Science & Maths competitions
  • Wellbeing – Celebrations, Inter House Challenge, Outdoor Learning Experiences, WB4L initiatives
  • Cultural Leader – Drive initiatives that raise awareness and acknowledgement, cultural events in and around the community (Acknowledgement of Country, Reconciliation Week)

Other Expectations:

  • Attend Leadership meetings once a week.
  • To be an excellent role model for other students in all aspects of College life.
  • To be involved in Social Justice, Student voice, Liturgy, Sport and other organised events within the College.
  • To be prepared to represent the College at major events outside the College when required.