St Brigid’s aims to foster a lifelong love of learning in all our students and every student is encouraged to strive to achieve their personal best as they progress through each academic year.

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Our goal is to develop students who are life-long learners with 21st century learning skills that include critical and creative thinking, problem solving, working collaboratively and working independently. To enhance this learning staff and students utilise and apply contemporary technological tools.

Inquiry Based Learning

Teaching and Learning at St Brigid’s is based on an inquiry approach and our curriculum design uses the Understanding by Design framework of Wiggins and McTighe. It is an approach to learning that is based on a process of inquiry, study, and research in which the student takes considerable responsibility for their own learning as developmentally appropriate. Increasing student engagement is likely to improve the quality of learning and reduce challenges in the classroom. When the learning is both relevant and requiring active engagement, student learning is maximised.

  • Effective learning occurs when your students’ learning experiences are engaging, that is, when your students are doing rather than just listening.
  • Inquiry-based learning, students take on more responsibility for identifying precisely what they need to learn and finding resources which will allow them to fill their knowledge gaps.
  • Inquiry-based learning can help students to develop their research skills as self-directed learners.
  • Students learn to identify and find answers to the questions that they need to ask and the resources that they need to draw upon in solving problems (often a real world problem).