St Brigid’s aims to foster a lifelong love of learning in all our students and every student is encouraged to strive to achieve their personal best as they progress through each academic year.
We encourage our students to exceed their own and others’ expectations by taking personal responsibility for their learning. At St Brigid’s our task as teachers is to provide students with the subject-specific knowledge and understanding and 21st Century skills. We believe this allows our students to positively contribute to society and make a difference to the world. 


Student centred learning

At St Brigid’s we teach our subject in teams utilising dynamic learning spaces. We aim to develop capable and confident learners using digital and innovative learning experiences. Our curriculum provides academic rigour, and is both challenging and interesting, where the learning, assessment and reporting aims to maximise student potential.

There are many ways to understand the information we gather from the world around us and we hope for students to gain an understanding of how they learn best. Each key learning area uses a variety of learning tools providing students with an opportunity to gain varied perspectives of the world around them. Our student-centred learning encourages students to participate in collaborative learning that encourages critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication that links their knowledge and skills to real-world situations.

We are fortunate to be able to connect students to industry experts and community partners allowing us to provide opportunities to participate in real-world experiences. These partnerships allow us to make connections between school and the world of work. We think that these links provide students with essential skills to make informed decisions about what and where they would like to go beyond the school.