The College has a strong Pastoral Care structure and program which is underpinned by small mentor coach groups.
House Structure: Every member of the College is connected to a House group. Students are allocated a House group at the start of Year 7. Students remain in this House group until they complete their time at the College. Family members will be allocated to the same House group. A student’s House creates an additional point of connection with others and provides opportunities for the student to be involved in a variety of experiences that empower them to make a difference.

The four House groups are:

Kildare House (Green) – Named after the birthplace of St Brigid’s. 

Lakes House (Blue) – Acknowledges our local environment which encompasses Lake Munmorah and Lake Macquarie  

Terry (Purple) – Named after the College’s foundation Principal Mrs Julie Terry

Walker (Red) – Named after Bishop David Walker who was instrumental in the development and construction of St Brigid’s Catholic College.

Director of Wellbeing: The Director of Wellbeing works alongside the Leaders of Wellbeing, House Advocates, the College Counsellor, the Learning Support Team, the Aboriginal Education Officer and the Cottage Team to ensure that the pastoral care and wellbeing of all students are maintained. The Director of Wellbeing at the College is Mrs Monique Smith

Leaders of Wellbeing: The Leader of Wellbeing works in collaboration with Senior  Leaders, colleagues, students and families to ensure the promotion of student wellbeing and pastoral care. Through the Pastoral Care Program of the College, Leaders of Wellbeing empower students to develop skills and strategies to enhance their social emotional development. Leaders of Wellbeing also work alongside students and families to navigate social and personal challenges as they arise. The Leaders of Wellbeing in the College are;

Kildare: Ms Racquela Hill

Lakes: Mr Tom Philpot

Terry: Mr Nicholas McFarlane

Walker: Mr Joshua Killen

House Advocate: Each Leader of Wellbeing works alongside a House Advocate to develop and implement wellbeing initiatives in the College. House Advocates are responsible for developing engaging strategies to maintain a strong sense of House spirit and connection in the College.

Kildare: Mrs Jasmine Leith

Lakes: Ms Iona Symons

Terry: Mrs Sarah Adamson

Walker: Mr Jonathon Scott

Mentors: The role of the Mentor is to know each student in their care and their family. Mentors know the strengths of each student and monitor their overall progress in learning and wellbeing.  Mentors play a pivotal role in providing a high level of care and support for students and are the main point of contact between families and the College. Students remain in the same Mentor group from Years 7 -12.

St Brigid’s Pastoral Care support for students includes:

  • Leaders of Wellbeing
  • House Advocates
  • Small Mentor Groups
  • School Counselling Service
  • Aboriginal Education Worker
  • The Cottage Team