Pastoral Care & Wellbeing

St Brigid’s provides a caring educational community where each student is known and nurtured as an individual.

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The College has a strong Pastoral Care structure and program which is underpinned by small mentor coach groups.
The role of the mentor coach is to know each student in their care and their family. Mentor Coaches aim to know the strengths of each student and their overall progress in learning and wellbeing, they play a pivital role in providing a high level of care and support for the students and are the main point of contact with the family.


Students are encouraged to develop:

strong relationships and interact in a positive way with their peers, other students and staff.
an understanding of the importance of personal goals, their words, actions and commitment, in relation to learning and living in the school community.

The college also has a house structure based on four houses tied to the history of our College. A student’s House creates an additional point of connection with others and provides opportunities for the student to be involved in a variety of experiences that empower them to make a difference.

St Brigid’s Pastoral Care support for students includes:

  • Small Mentor Coach Groups
  • House Structure
  • School Counselling Service
  • Community Pastoral Support Officer
  • Aboriginal Education Worker
  • Parent Net Group
  • Local Parishes