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We pride ourselves on being a welcoming school community that values the close relationships between staff, parents and students.

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Julie Terry – College Principal

Adam Murdoch – College Assistant Principal

Michael Landrigan – Director of Catholic Life and Mission

Paul Lynch – Director of College Administration

William Ardern – Director of College Management

Alexandra Walters – Director of Learning for Wellbeing

Paul Nield – Director of Wellbeing for Learning

Mark Peterson – Leader of Wellbeing Walker House

Monique Smith – Leader of Wellbeing Lakes House

Paul McLoughlin – Leader of Pedagogy Walker House

Rachel Foo – Acting Leader of Pedagogy Kildare House

Erin Gilbert – Leader of Pedagogy Terry House

Ashley Sadler – Leader of Pedagogy Lakes House

Luke Evans – Acting Leader of Wellbeing Terry House

Lauren Bristow – Leader of Wellbeing Kildare House

Kylie Robinson – Leader of Pedagogy

Janice Peel – Leader of Pedagogy

Dominique Lahey – Teaching Staff

Rebecca Rutherford – Duke of Edinburgh Award Leader

Luke Richardson – Duke of Edinburgh Award Leader

Kieran Lowrie – Teaching Staff

Sherrie Cooper – Teaching Staff

Daniel Hoolihan – Teaching Staff

Iona Symons – Teaching Staff

Nadia Hagberg – Teaching Staff

Joshua Killen – Teaching Staff

Amber Walters – Teaching Staff

Scott Williams – Teaching Staff

Nicholas McFarlane – Teaching Staff

Rebecca Ardern – Teaching Staff

Tegan Bayliss – Teaching Staff

Sheree Hoskins – Acting Learning Support Coordinator

Meredith Carantinos – Acting Learning Support Coordinator

Sarah Benham – Learning Support Coordinator

Vanessa Larkin – Learning Support

Shana Kuziow – Pathways Leader

Rita Buchanan – Senior Administration Officer

Natasha McFadden – Administration Assistant/Sports Coordinator

Belinda Wright – Administration Assistant/Learning Support

Ashlee Lanzini – Administration Assistant

Meggen Young – Administration Assistant

Natalie Ross – College Psychologist

Annette Maat – Canteen Manager

Chris Maat – Canteen Manager