Our mission is to bring each student to the fullness of life through witness to Jesus Christ by “Living the Faith”.

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Youth Ministry

Students at St Brigid’s are offered the opportunity to join the Youth Ministry team to develop their faith and learn how to undertake everyday tasks to achieve our school motto of “Live the Faith”. Below are some of the comments our students have made regarding Youth Ministry at St Brigid’s.

I recall why I chose to be in Youth Ministry. To practice and develop my faith. To broaden my understandings and to be enlightened. Without Youth Ministry I wouldn't be as proud of myself or happy. It has led me to be Social Justice Portfolio Leader. I have never been so passionate bout anything else. The fact that I helped raise $2,000 worth of groceries for the Christmas Appeal leaves me spinning with joy. I am able to make a difference; I can achieve anything I put my mind to.


Youth Ministry has and continues to give myself and many of my peers an outlet where we can give back to a community that has given us so much. Many teachers and preachers often say 'spread the work of God', but leave many of us struggling to figure out how. Youth Ministry is the best, and I mean absolute best solution to the problem."


If honest, I was never too excited for religion classes. That was before Youth Ministry class. I love it because it is an opportunity to learn about leandership and God. Youth Ministry is where we can really express and develop our fiath and without it I honestly don't know if I would be this educated and interested in my growing faith.


I believe that I could expend myself in terms of both confidence and gaininig more knowledge whilst on my journey of faith if I continued to be a part of the Youth Ministry team which I plan to do.


To me, Youth Ministry is a way to give back to my community and to help the disadvantaged members within it. For many people on the Youth Ministry team, it is a way to express our compassion and willingness to serve others by living the faith.


Youth Ministry is something I look forward to and what I am passionate about. It has given me a sense of commitment and a passion to help others. Youth Ministry has strengthened my faith and taught me so much.


Youth Ministry has given me a place in school to become involved with social justice issues in our school, in our community and the world.


This program has given me opportunities to become the servant leader I am today and a stronger disciple and it has given me avenues to explore my faith and become the person I am today.


This class not only helps individuals with their religious journey but also leadership and confidence.


This is something that made me enthusiastic about the way I see religion and my Catholic Faith in a way I'd never really been able to before.


Though I am the product of both a Catholic Primary and Secondary school, I attribute all of my personal understanding of my faith to my involvement in Youth Ministry and consequently will continue to develop my faith long after I leave high school.


Youth Ministry is not only about our ministry work but also we support, help and guide each other and this is playing an important and central role to me. I really wish I had joined the first day of year 7 if I knew what it entailed.


The idea of Youth Ministry to me is to be involved and part of a community that serves others. It is the aspect of serving others that really speaks to me and make Youth Ministry a really exciting and fun thing to get involved in. I have been able to discuss and talk about my faith journey without being judged.