We want to express our sincere thanks for the wonderful education and experiences Isaac has had at St Brigid’s.
The positive and nurturing environment at St Brigid’s, along with the dedicated teachers and supportive staff, has played a significant role in shaping Isaac’s growth and development. The emphasis on character building, wellbeing, and overall inclusivity has provided a well-rounded education.
We will always cherish the memories from St Brigid’s Catholic College.

Michelle and NicolasParents

"Individually, and as a whole, I saw first-hand how supported, safe and comfortable your students feel. I saw St Brigid's core values in action as kids persevered, used their resources, showed compassion and asked their teachers for help. I saw mutual respect and the relationship driven education that I've read about in your newsletter so many times. To witness these relationships in action was heartwarming."


"I feel so blessed every day that my kids go to St Brigid's Catholic College. You have managed to do what I assumed could not be done in a school."


"There is no other school or other school staff that holds your family’s cares so close to heart. What more can any family possibly want for their child?"


"St Brigid's encourages kids to be resourceful, kind, and compassionate, not just intellectuals."


"Imagine if the whole world could uphold the basic principles of respect, responsibility and peace? I feel like St Brigid's staff are really trying to make a change in the world by helping our children develop these skills. Many talk the talk but it is the rare exception that walks the walk."