Year 8 Ambassadors Tackle Climate Change

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Year 8 Ambassadors Tackle Climate Change

Last Thursday, selected Year 8 students travelled to Newcastle University to work with our partners High Resolves on a climate change simulation game

This was a fantastic opportunity to gain a valuable insight into the recent Cop27 meeting of world leaders, as students were paired to become ambassadors of a variety of countries around the globe.

Their task was to minimise the economic impact on their own countries, whilst negotiating to secure commitment for change with other countries. This was a valuable lesson in collaboration, communication and the benefits of working for the common good. In addition, students experienced the breadth, diversity and dimension of a large university campus – Callaghan, Newcastle University. Our guides Frank and Catarina did a wonderful job of explaining university life and opportunities.

Not only did the students represent their countries with vigour and determination, but their behaviour was also exemplary. The group received positive comments from Rachel Jackett – High Resolves, dining hall staff and even our Coastaliner coach driver, who said, “I’d gladly take this group anywhere, anytime.”

A vote of thanks to staff member Chelsea Read for organising such a great experience. Thanks also to Sister Josie, Georgia Adams (Wallace), Liz Farrugia and Paul Nield, who accompanied the group on the day.

High Resolves is planning to continue this event in future and expand it for Years 8, 9 and 10. St Brigid’s Catholic College was the first group to be offered this ‘Pathways and Partnerships’ experience.

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