Expressing our Catholic Faith

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At St Brigid’s, we express our Catholic faith unapologetically. We interact with our faith in multiple ways. Prayer is our first port of call and we start off each day with the Examen for students to reflect on their previous day and set a faith centred intention for the time ahead. We also help push forward social justice issues, currently, for Lent, we are raising money for Catholic communities such as Caritas. Most importantly, we gather together as a community to express our faith, and so far, we have done this through our celebration of St Brigid’s Feast Day, which is also our Open College Mass and Ash Wednesday, which we celebrated in our House groups.


But, at the moment, our faith community only consists of students and teachers. When we think of the St Brigid’s community, we want it to consist of so much more than this. Most importantly, we want to involve our parents. On Ash Wednesday, the College reached out to parents regarding any questions they may have around faith and we received many. The college is going to explore as many ways we can address these questions and engage with parents as much as possible.


The main question that came through was – what is the difference between the terms Catholic and Christianity?


These two terms are confusing, but easy to explain. Christianity is the religion and Catholic refers to the Denomination, or group, or branch of Christianity. A simple comparison is to think of Catholics are to Christianity is the same as what the Newcastle Knights are to Rugby League. Catholics have the same main beliefs as other Christian groups, but also have their own unique beliefs and practices. For example, Mother Mary is more prominent in Catholicism and the Pope is the head of the Catholic church, but not necessarily the Christian church. Therefore, if the Pope makes a rule, our College needs to follow.


To help build our community further, if you have any faith questions, or want to be involved in the faith community of our College, please fill in this form –

Dr Ashley Sadler

Assistant Principal, Evangelisation & Catechesis

FHC- Congratulations Lakes

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Lakes House has won the Friday House Challenge (FHC) again this week- Congratulations! The aim of the game was to land a water balloon on students from another House. The only way to toss the water balloons was for four students to use a mini parachute staying behind a line some distance away. It took some skill, and great teamwork to master the parachutes, it was an exciting game to watch.

Isaiah R- Year 11

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Congratulations Isaiah R of Year 11 on his recent success at Catholic Schools NSW. Isaiah would normally compete in the Triathlon held out at Sydney International Regatta Centre, but due to poor water quality this event was changed to a duathlon. Isaiah came in 9th out at Penrith and completed a pool swim and with his pool swim time moved in up into 7th place. Isaiah is on the first reserve list for nationals in Perth. There were 84 students in this division and to come 7th is outstanding.

This a great result from Isaiah who has just returned to all sport after a recent injury. Well done Isaiah.

Year 7 Welcome BBQ

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Yesterday we welcomed our Year 7 families to the College community with a BBQ and Smoking Ceremony.

We extend our gratitude to those families who could attend.  It is a wonderful opportunity to get to know the school and our teachers a little better as well as build valuable connections with other Year 7 families.

We are looking forward to a year full of meaningful connections, learning and growth with our Year 7, 2024 students.

Kye Mc – Year 9

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Please once again join us in congratulating Kye of Year 9 on his most recent success in the pool.

Kye over the weekend swam at the NSW Country Championship at Homebush. Kye came away from this meet with the following medals around his neck and records to his name.

Kye’s results:

2nd 800m freestyle under 14 years. He set the new 13 years boys record for this event by 10 seconds.
2nd 100m freestyle
2nd 50m freestyle
2nd 400m freestyle
2nd 200m freestyle
2nd 50m Backstroke
3rd 50m butterfly
5th 200m IM
6th 100m Butterfly
6th 50m breaststroke
4th 100m Backstroke

Well done Kye, we are extremally proud of you and what you continue to do in the pool.

Live Parent Webinars

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Register for Elevate’s Parent Webinar Series This Term

Elevate Education delivers high-impact workshops to our students that help to develop their study skills, motivation, and exam preparation. Over the next term, you’re invited to join their parent webinar series, where you can help support your child at home by reinforcing the skills they’re learning at school.
Upcoming Webinars:

How You Can Help Your Child Manage Their Time – 28th February 6:30pm

How You Can Make Technology an Ally (& Not the Enemy!) – 13th March 6:30pm

How You Can Help Improve Your Child’s Memory – 27th March 6:30pm

Register for the series by clicking the link here and learn some great practical strategies to help support your child this year.

Student helpers – St Mary’s Swimming Carnival

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On Monday the 12th of February, 22 of our students from Year 8 to 10 attended the St Mary’s Swimming carnival as student helpers.  Our students always look forward to these days and enjoy heading back to their former primary school.  We received this lovely email from Miss Dawson about our students.

“All students who came along were helpful, respectful and outstanding role models.  The students are a credit to St Brigid’s and their families.  We are also a little proud to see these beautiful past St Mary’s students coming back and being so willing to assist with whatever was required.”

We enjoy nothing more than helping our local primary school and love hearing great feedback.

We hope to be able to continue this relationship for many years to come.