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Rebecca McCann

Our Digital Natives

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In today’s digital age, our children are growing up with technology at their fingertips. As part of school education and more directly in the PDHPE curriculum we actively teach and guide students in how they navigate the online world. We believe it is essential that young people understand the concept of a digital footprint and how to ensure their online safety. While the internet offers countless opportunities for learning, creativity, and connection, it also presents risks that we must be mindful of. Our young people are “digital natives” and have a certain level of comfort in using the online environment, that for many of us is changing so rapidly that we cannot keep up.  

 In a recent study by they found that digital connection provides a sense of control in the lives of young people. They stated that young people are confident in these environments and are invested in learning more and using these platforms daily. This research mentioned that two-thirds of young people on average use 5 or more social networking sites which could include Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok etc. Young people also use these platforms to communicate with one another rather than through text message or phone call. This is why it is key for all of us to ensure young people are educated and have protective behaviours and strategies that will keep them informed and safe online.  

Every time we go online, we leave a digital footprint. This footprint is all the data associated with our name that can be traced back to us. It includes everything – from the websites we visit to the searches we make on Google. Our digital footprints are stored in places such as search engines, social media platforms, and public databases. Whether it’s the photos we share on social media, the comments we make on online forums, or the websites we visit, everything we do online contributes to our digital footprint. It’s important for children to understand that their digital actions are often permanent and can be accessed by others, including future employers and academic institutions. 

It is crucial that we teach our children about the importance of managing their digital footprint responsibly. The ESafety commission offer a wealth of knowledge in supporting both parents and young people as they navigate the online world. Some of the key tips in the information available include: 

  • Encouraging your child to review their privacy settings on media accounts and online platforms.
  • Reminding your child that once something is shared online, it’s difficult to take back. Encourage them to think carefully about what they post.
  • Helping your child understand their digital footprint reflects who they are and may have an impact on future employment and reputation.  
  • Discuss the importance of treating others with kindness and respect online and that cyberbullying can have serious consequences for both the victim and poster.
  • Keeping the lines of communication open with your child. Encourage them to come to you if they encounter anything online that makes them feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

 There are many great sites with information and resources that help to guide parents in helping their children navigate this ever changing and challenging environment. I encourage you to look at these sites and talk to your children about these protective behaviours and strategies.  

Alex Walters

Assistant Principal, Student Achievement 

Beanies for Brain Cancer

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Today our students wore a beanie and gave a gold coin donation.  There was even a cake stall to raise additional funds.  All money raised will go towards The Mark Hughes Foundation, raising much needed funds for brain cancer research.

We would greatly appreciate it if you click on this link to view our fundraising page and donate what you can. You can even help more by sharing our fundraising page and this post.

St Brigid’s 10 Year Anniversary dinner

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Last Friday, St Brigid’s Catholic College celebrated their 10 year anniversary at Magenta Shores Golf & Country Club It was an amazing evening, attended by students, staff, alumni, and members of the local community.

The evening began with a heartfelt speech from our Principal, who reflected on the school’s journey over the past decade. Student leaders took a nostalgic trip down memory lane, recalling memorable events that have enriched the educational experience for our students.  A trivia session followed, challenging both staff and alumni!

To conclude the night, student leaders presented gifts of appreciation to our founding Principal, Julie Terry, and current Principal, Adam Murdoch, acknowledging their dedication and hard work over the past decade.

As the guests departed, there was a palpable sense of pride and optimism, a testament to the enduring legacy of the school and its unwavering commitment to excellence and community.

A massive thank you to everyone who could attend, it was a lovely night celebrating with our community.

Friday House Challenge

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Today our students were given a new challenge.  One student from each house had to stand on a wobble board holding a hoop while others had to try and get their balls in the hoops.

There were plenty of smiles and laughter.  Fun was had by all.

Terry House took out the win followed by Walker, Lakes and Kildare.

Well done Terry House!

Student Achievement – Seth T

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Well done to Seth T who has been selected to represent Australia at the World Junior Motocross Championship in the Netherlands next month!

Alongside this amazing achievement, Seth has also:

Won the 85cc 12-16 Promx Nationals a few weeks ago.

AND took home the 85cc 12-16 State Championship over the weekend.

Seth is taking on a tough race in the Netherlands, being one of the youngest in the group, but he is ready for the challenge!

Well done Seth and we cannot wait to hear about your overseas adventure!

Student Achievement – Zara H

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A big congratulations to Zara H in Year 10 who has been selected into the Cricket NSW academy for 2024!

We are confident that your dedication and hard work will continue to shine as you take on this exciting new challenge.

Keep striving for greatness, Zara, and know that your school community is cheering you on every step of the way!

St Vincent De Paul’s Winter Appeal

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Dear St Brigid’s Community,

Our Social Justice campaign for this term is focused on the St Vincent De Paul’s Winter Appeal. We are asking for students to Bring: blankets, tracksuits (old), jackets, old sleeping bags, and/or Woolworths essential gifts cards that can be spent on groceries.

We will be having an inter-House competition to see who is the House with the most Compassionate Heart. However, the appeal is not for our own benefit, but to help those at St Vincent De Paul’s, who do an amazing job helping those in true need in our community.

Please watch the following video to have a deeper appreciation for the efforts of St Vincent De Paul:

Once again, I thank you all for your caring and kinds hearts and your contributions to our community.

Ashley Sadler

Assistant Principal, Evangelisation and Catechesis

NSW Young Volunteer of the Year Nomination

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Congratulations to Herbie G in Year 10 who has been nominated for the 2024 NSW Youth Volunteer of the Year Award!

Herbie received this nomination because of the volunteer work he has done with Lakes Surf Club, the Rural Fire Service, Clean 4 Shore, the Duke of Ed Award and the work he does at the College for our social justice projects.

It also includes helping Mr Adamson with maintenance, the work he does on the Ag Farm and assisting in many school events.

You are a legend, Herbie and we are so proud of you!

SPECIAL REPORT: Smokeless Tobacco Products

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The evolving nicotine landscape requires parents and caregivers to stay informed to protect young people from these emerging threats. Snus and nicotine pouches are gaining popularity among young people as smokeless tobacco (SLT) products. Both products are discreetly placed under the upper lip, allowing nicotine absorption through the gums.

Health authorities are urging proactive measures to curb this growing trend and calling on regulators to implement controls before these products become as widespread as vapes. The high nicotine levels in these products pose serious health risks, including nicotine addiction, cardiovascular disease, gum disease, tooth decay, and even nicotine poisoning. Researchers highlight the detrimental effects of nicotine on developing brains, linking its use to depression, anxiety, ADHD symptoms, and an increased risk of addiction to other drugs.

The marketing of snus and nicotine pouches targets young audiences through social media influencers, raising concerns about their increasing popularity among school students. And like vapes, they come in various flavours and strengths, with unregulated nicotine levels leading to inconsistent and misleading labelling.  It is clear that SLT products contain not only nicotine, but also other chemicals with unknown long-term effects.

This Special Report will help you become aware of the potential risks of smokeless tobacco products and guide you in age-appropriate discussions with your child.

Click here to view your Special Report.