Kind words – St Mary’s Cathedral

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Kind words from a parishioner from St Mary’s Cathedral

Last week students from Year 10 attended an urban experience down in Sydney, we received some kind words regarding our students.

“To the Principal

I attended the 1:10pm Mass at St Mary’s Cathedral yesterday (Thursday), which I do on a regular basis, and a large contingent of students from St Brigid’s College were also in attendance.

You have every right to feel very proud of your students. Their attendance and participation in the liturgy was reverent and devout, and their manners were impeccable.

Congratulations to all your students on the dignity that they displayed yesterday. I wish them all the best in their studies and in their Christian faith journey.

I also wish you and your staff the very best in your educational mission. It is obvious from your students that you are making a significant difference in their lives.

God bless,


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