CAPA Showcase

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On Wednesday night we held our CAPA (Creative and Performing Arts) Showcase.

The evening was a chance for our Stage 4 and 5 students to present some of the creative projects they’ve worked on throughout the year.

Artwork displayed on the evening demonstrated some of the outstanding work students have completed in the units ‘Gothic Gargoyles’, ‘Momento Mori’, and ‘Elements of Ceramics’.

The Stage 5 Drama class performed a number of hilarious items including the short plays ‘Mt Kilimanjaro’ and ‘After Dinner’. These Drama students were also recognised for their 1st place award in the Religious Creative Arts Prize run by Catholic Schools Broken Bay. Their play ‘Compassion and Forgiveness’ was a thought-provoking work on the theme of compassion.

A number of Stage 4, 5 and 6 music students performed songs by Billie Eilish, the Foo Fighters, Silk Sonic and Stephen Sanchez. These performances demonstrated some of the hard work these music students have put into their respective instruments throughout the year.

As part of the evening, we had a presentation of our ‘Videos for Change’.  All entries were thoughtful and critical commentaries on various societal issues.  The winners were Olivia Castelli and Zara Hepplewhite for their video ‘Stronger Together’.  Runners up were Emily Cronan and Lachlan Brain for their video ‘Mental Health’ and Ruby Peters and Chelsea Shoesmith won the People’s Choice award for their video ‘Broken Bloodline (Home)’.

On the whole, the evening was highly engaging and showcased some of the incredible talent that we have at the College.

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