End of the Year (Learning) – 1st December, 2023

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It has become the norm in many schools that meaningful learning tasks become few and far between in the last couple of weeks of the year.  I appreciate that the learning tasks might change and there might be some variation to the normal routine but the quality of the teaching should never be compromised even as we draw near to our summer holidays.

There is always an unspoken tension between the perception that nothing of importance is happening in class and a significant spike in student absenteeism at this time of year.  At St Brigid’s students already finish a week before their counterparts in DoE schools, it is imperative that our kids attend right through to the end.

This is a good example where staff, students and parents need to work together.  Many parents will be faced with countless reasons as to why their son or daughter should pull up stumps a little bit early in 2023.  Your job is to stand your ground and guide them to make the right decision.  Staff have traditionally been faced with small student numbers in the last week and a stigma that real lessons have been abandoned for the year.  It’s our job to provide high quality, meaningful learning right through to the end.

The kids will rise to the bar we set for them.  Let’s ensure we have high expectations for attendance at any time and that absolutely includes the next seven school days.  Learning manifests itself in so many ways, the discipline of attending school when it might be the last thing they want to do, will serve them well into the future.  It won’t be the last time they are faced with doing something they’d prefer not to.

Will they cop out and take the easy option or do what’s right and persevere.

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